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  2. Thoughts on being a Christian Bodybuilder...is the lifestyle sinful?
  4. REborn
  5. Nice quote for you all
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  8. Prayers for my teenage daughter.
  9. Christian Rock training music...
  10. Daily Devotional 11/29/16...Your work & your worth are two different things
  11. Daily Devotional 11/30/16...Liberty vs. License
  12. Daily Devotional for 12/1/16...The Value of Others
  13. Snoopy loves Jesus
  14. Today's Evening Devotional... You're not God, so stop acting like it!
  15. "If He Wills"
  16. Powerful Key to Prayer... today's Devotional, happy Monday!!!
  17. Daily Devotional for today...Your prayers have an impact!!!
  18. Daily Devotional for 12/9/16...our best friend is Jesus!
  19. Proverbs 27:17
  20. Warrior of God!!!
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  23. Great message!!!
  24. We are grandparents!!!