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Thread: Ideas to fuel your workout

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    Ideas to fuel your workout

    There are a multitude of ways to fuel your workouts, as everyone is different with different goals and outcomes in mind.When it comes to performance, we also strive for the balance of health. Here are a few that are basic fueling , and will promote good brain ,hormone, and gut health...

    Quick smoothie: almond milk/water, spinach , 1/2 banana + almond butter..

    Cucumber slices dipped in tahini sauce.

    Hard boiled eggs + cherry tomatoes dipped in hummus.

    Cottage cheese topped with blueberries + slivered almonds.

    Chicken breast + a small sweet potato + peanut butter.

    Tangerine + brazil nuts.

    Greek yogurt sprinkled with pistachios and blackberries.

    Nitrate-free deli turkey meat + red bell pepper strips dipped in guacamole.

    Ground turkey burger patty topped with avocado.

    Accessing nutrient-dense , unprocessed foods to fuel your workouts !!

    The quality of your food matters....

    As always , my thoughts and view............AM

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    Re: Ideas to fuel your workout

    Very good ideas, actually. I usually drink strong green tea with sugar before training.

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