Ok so maybe you heard this story or not..either way it is crazy story worth reading

QuadrigaCX was a Cryptocurrency exchange. The CEO dies of crons disease on vacation in India, and he was the only one with the password for the long term storage of their customers bitcoin wallets.
Long term storage was so the coins would be off the web and kept in a laptop wallet. They filled an insurance claim and bankruptcy protection.
Now they find out he stole the clients money . infact one withdrawal was done right before he died.


So first I was surprised he died of Crons disease, I know it is serious, but I didn't think you died of it these days...
then you find out he he was cremated in India , and ashes dumped in a river ( they do that in India, but not to foreigners)

We discussed Bitcoin here before... so i figure this was fair game

any one else think he is alive and living under a new name ...

while on the subject of alive or dead , anyone think the Satoshi Nakamoto ever existed and what happened to all his original bitcoins?