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Thread: Un Natural Selection on Netflix

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    Un Natural Selection on Netflix

    So this is a short series on Netflix about gene therapy and biohacking. What the pharmaceutical companies are charging for this will piss you off.
    The thing I wanted to discuss here is they show a guy that biohacked a frog to released more igf, 2 months later it was 20% bigger than it's twin brother. this is the same guy that injected him self with a small amount of myostatin suppressed genes on youtube,
    So if you saw "orphan black" Neolutionist

    Now these are mostly geeks , an I am think more than one wanted to get a little revenge on a high school bully.
    So do think there is someone editing his gene to be high igf, supressed myostayin, and high testosterone....

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    Re: Un Natural Selection on Netflix

    Interesting I have to catch this short series.

    Aren't we all "Biohack's"

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