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Thread: Tiger King is being made in to a movie

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    Tiger King is being made in to a movie

    Netflix's documentary Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness is like a Jerry Springer show with a plot. it is a train wreck. I am not going to say it is good television, but it is engrossing. Well they are going to make a Tiger King docu-drama movie. Now I think this is a waste of time, after all there is nothing more to say. The documentary pretty much covered it , The only thing we know about the movie is they cast Nick Cage. He has played so many bizarre roles over the years, that I think he could pull this off. Now all they need is Kathy Bates for Carole Baskin and a good script.

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    Re: Tiger King is being made in to a movie

    Can only image who they’d get fir Carole if they already added nick cage. It’ll end up being some dramatic lifetime Sunday movie.

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