For the past month I have moved to eating OMAD "One Meal A Day" at dinner, eating quite healthy mix of all macros and putting away some decent calories. Things I have noticed :

1. Super focused during the day at work.
2. Hungry pains went away after the 1st week.
3. Averaging two pounds a week weight loss.
4. Bloat is WAY down
5. Mental and physical overall well being has improved.
6. Trouble getting through workouts in the afternoon as I would have if eating small meals all day.

I like the way I feel so I am going to stick to it.

#5 Above - I can mainly attribute to just the change in diet and exercise activity.
#6 Above - I need some advise on what I could do to improve the workout issue? Maybe eat something with carbs 30minutes before getting to the work out? It would be very close to my evening meal so I wouldn't be effecting the "OMAD" concept very much.

Anyone with experience on OMAD or has suggestions to battle #6 would be greatly appreciated!