does any one know of a Peptide sight l like MUSCLE COALITION where u can rate who is the real deal n selling fake shit that if u saw SUICIDE SQUAD 2 the crap on these sights would have u looking like weasel (if U lived long enough. I know what I have to do I just hafta to it. DIET WILL ALWAYS BE FAR&AWAY #1, If I had squarely made this decision back 2017 when my marriage was destroying my bodybuilding, even if we hadn't physically separated, while I was at the gym she would have been tricking 3,4 dudes(difficult conditions to set n stick to a schedule) but again im crying like a baby, please if any knows of Peptides website like MC that when you see the sponsors, u know they're the real deal, please i need to go down this road awhile with my HRT N AROMASIN PLEASE THIS WOULD BE INVALUABLE TO ME