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red crayon
10-26-2013, 12:32 PM
Since Halloween is almost here I decided to post a Ghost story that happened to me when I was in The Air Force. If anyone else active duty or veteran has a similar, Halloween related story please add it here.

Im a night owl, I have always preferred to work at night. Most of the time I was in the US Air Force I worked at night. One night I was sent to do a repair on the Air Plane that brought the people, both alive and dead, back from Jones Town (Google it if you dont remember). I arrived at the Air Craft and went to the flight station and began my repairs. For some reason the Air craft was dark, no power, no lights and no Crew Chief. I was on the Air craft alone. This wasnt that unusual, I had done this many times before. A good flash light and a good set of tools is all you need to replace a few bad parts. I started the repairs at the pilots station and that came off without a hitch. I then moved over to the navigators station to continue my work. I had just sat down in the engineers chair and lowered his instrument panel so I could work there when the Air Craft vibrated, like it always does when the rear cargo bay doors are being opened. I got up and went to look in the cargo bay to see what was going on. The cargo bay doors are hydraulically operated and make a lot of noise when they are being operated, I didnt hear anything, so I went to look. I didnt see anything in the cargo bay. No lights, no crew chief, I was still the only one on the Air Craft. I returned to the flight station and looked out the co-pilots window and the power cable was still not connected to the Air Craft. It was wound up on the power cart just like it was when I arrived at the Air Craft. I decided to try and finish up the work I was doing so I could leave the Air Craft ASAP. After a few minutes I heard the rear cargo doors being opened and it sounded like cargo was being loaded on to the Air Craft. I looked out the co-pilots window again and the power cart was still not connected to the Air Craft. I looked at the engineers panel and the power gauges were at zero. No indication of power of any kind. I began to hear some people talking, I couldnt make out what they were saying but I could definitely hear them. Again I looked into the cargo bay and it was dark, nothing or no one there. I immediately began to put everything back together and collect my tools. When my supervisor came by the Air Craft I was standing in front of the Air Craft waiting to go back to the shop. He asked if I had completed the jobs I had to do on the Air Craft and I said No. I explained to him what had happened and we went back up to the flight station and completed the work. Nothing else happened.

I cant say for sure what was going on on that Air Craft but I do know that with out some kind of power that nothing can happen. Still I felt the vibration of the cargo doors opening and heard the Air Craft being loaded while it wasnt being loaded. I heard several people talking while no one was there. It just gave me the creeps! After returning to the shop I asked around and a few of the other people had had strange experiences on this Air Craft as well. I did notice that from then on no one was assigned to work on that Air Craft at night alone. There was always a bunch of people working on it or it was off base, nothing in between. A few months later it was moved to another base and disappeared. I guess they changed the tail number on it so no one would know that it was the plane from Jones Town.