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Thread: remeber American Muscle and Matarazzo

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    remeber American Muscle and Matarazzo

    in the late 80's and early 90's was ESPN American Muscle . I remember setting the VCR to turn on at 2 AM . not like today where you can just search for it or set the dvr to record the entire season. you had to search TV guide ( that is a magazine kids ) and since it was on a sports network, it was occasionally missing the first few minutes, or you would tape a college hockey game or something.

    to this day I think Matarazzo had the freakiest front 2bi. crazy looking guns ( RIP big guy)
    anyhow this youtuber has a lot of old post from that show and time if you are interested in the wayback machine.

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    Re: remeber American Muscle and Matarazzo

    I remember those days. Thank you for all the video links you post. I watch just about all of them that you link to. So thank you.


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