Currently on an 5 win streak.

Wanting to be more active on the board and felt like this would be an great approach and just won an fight not too long ago.

My cycle - I run 500mg test E, 500mg of Deca, 2.5mg of ozempic weekly. Also taking 5ius of hgh, 500mcg ius of bpc 157, 12.5mg cardarine, 10mg ostarine daily. I also take 1mg of arimidex EOD. Also blasting EPO at 3,000ius EOD. oh and can't forget the 10mg of tb500 weekly.

This cycle is mostly aimed at dropping to 250-260 to slow bulk back up to 265 as I fight in the heavyweight now. Sitting at 275lbs with 15% bf at 6 ft tall. EPO and cardarine is to improve my cardio and provide energy as im running on an large calorie deficit due to the ozempic. HGH/Test/deca/ostarine are being used to ensure i don't lose any muscle or strength. Finally, the bpc 157 and tb500 is for my pinched on my back that has recovered about 75% id say. Highly recommend that combo for anyone with persistent injuries.

I train every single day of the week or at least 6 days out of the week for the last 5 years. Heavy sparring 2x an week and the other days are light sparring with drills. Currently not lifting due to the pinched nerve but generally I'd also have 4 days an week at the gym.

Not exactly where this post will go but yeah If anyone have any questions regarding mma feel free to ask me and/or if you have any questions about the lifestyle in general.