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Thread: New Laptop

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    New Laptop

    so rather than continuing the old thread , I started a new one. My dell failed a second time.

    to summarize

    1) I spent a lot on an extended and extensive coverage (got the extra to covered even glass) contract for 4 years.

    2 )the machine had already had a repair once against for a similar failure.

    3) this was the "top of the line" machine at the time.( over a grand)

    4) the laptop fails less than one month after the extended 4 year contract expired...

    so where as the extended contract just expired and the laptop failed once already,
    and when I asked if they thought it normal for a laptop to fail twice in 4 years . I got no reply.
    do you think they should have covered this?

    well apparently Dell didn't .
    The Guy just kept repeating , the contract was expired on x date and we fixed right the first time...

    As a Result I am using my new HP laptop..It rocks, Can't believe how light it is .When it dies I will just throw it away.
    apparently , no one has any pride in their product anymore , and this world just makes disposable things.

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    Re: New Laptop

    dell sucks !!!! they did the same to me years ago... IBM thinkpad t-520 …. 10 years and running great !!!!

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